Let's Fight Covid-19

LaporLah allows municipal councils, health authorities, and businesses to record, review, and report Covid-19 information for contact tracing purposes

Let's Fight Covid-19

LaporLah allows municipal councils, health authorities, and businesses record and report Covid-19 information for contact tracing purposes

Easy-to-use Solutions for a Difficult Time

Let's do our part in fighting the Covid-19 pandemic, together.

Fool-proof usability and the speed to deploy tech solutions are instrumental to combat Covid-19.

We crafted LaporLah with agility, mass adoption, and the user in mind.

In the coming months, the “new normal” regulations and SOPs will present new hurdles for public and private organizations, and that’s where LaporLah can help.

We hope to contribute our efforts in overcoming Malaysia’s public health and economic challenges by building recording, reviewing, and reporting solutions that are easy to use, quick to deploy, and cost-effective.


LaporLah Apps

Cloud-based solutions crafted to meet your needs

Registration of customers entering F&B premises and report generation for contact tracing

  1. Business owner signs up for LaporPremise and receives a unique form submission URL and QR code
  2. Visiting customers scan the QR code on premise, gets directed to the form, and fills in relevant details
  3. Database of customer details are available for reporting to health officials for contact tracing when needed
  4. Learn more about LaporPremise!

Daily health screening data collection and reporting tool for daycare center children and staff

    1. Daycare center operators generate and distribute QR tags to all children and staff
    2. Staff collects data by scanning individual QR codes and recording health screening criteria as set by JKM and KPWKM
    3. Time-stamped data logs are automatically collated and CSV report can be produced for contact tracing
    4. Learn more about LaporDaycare!

Dashboard report of public area sanitization conducted by local authorities and agencies 

  1. Local authority (PBT) records each public sanitization and disinfection operation into LaporSanitize
  2. Back-office workers reviews the operation details and publishes the data to a dashboard
  3. General public can access and view public area sanitization details on dashboard and map

Local council registry, reporting, and checkpoint pass issuance for delivery riders

  1. Delivery riders submit application (with supporting documents) through a public LaporRider portal
  2. Local authority (PBT) officers review, validate, and issue digital Rider Pass to approved riders
  3. Approved riders can present the digital Rider Pass to authorities at checkpoints whenever required
Covid-19 Malaysia

Built for All Stakeholders Involved

Whether you are a PBT officer, restaurant operator, healthcare worker, or delivery rider, LaporLah is designed to help everyone comply with SOPs and government directives.

The cloud web-based platform enables anyone and everyone to access the apps easily without having to download anything.

Best of all, LaporLah can be deployed quickly and is customizable to meet your specific organizational requirements. 

Local Authorities (PBT)

PBT officers can review, approve, and record data and generate relevant reports

Business Owners

F&B and other proprietors can comply with government directives and MCO SOPs

General Public

The Rakyat can access information, follow SOP, and help fight against Covid-19

Why Use LaporLah?

Robust, secure, and flexible software built specifically for Covid-19 risk mitigation

Fast Deployment

All LaporLah applications are ready to deploy within hours to days of subscription confirmation

Cost Effective

LaporPremise starts at RM0 for small businesses. Flexible pricing plasn are available for all LaporLah apps

Access Anywhere

Responsive, secure, and mobile-centric web apps accessible from any browser. No need to download anything!


Need additional features? We can help you design and build extra functionalities and report templates

SOPs for MCO & Beyond: The New Normal

LaporLah is ready to help you prepare, come what may


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